Our Story


Hi everyone, as new owners we took over Xtreme frozen yogurt and it has been open for approximately 8 years. My wife and I would like to introduce our selves. I’m Gilbert Valencia and my wife is Mayra Valencia. Here is a little bit about our background and who we are. I’m originally from Brooklyn New York and I moved to California at the age of 15 years old, where I finished high school in Los Angeles. My wife was born and raised in Los Angeles and attended high school in the city of El Monte. My career and education had been and are still very exciting. I served in the United States Army and served in Iraq in 2004 to 2005 under 18th Airborne. I currently work in Federal Law Enforcement under the US Department of Justice. I’m also currently working on my PhD in clinical psychologically. My wife has accomplished her nursing degree and is very proud to run our business Xtreme frozen yogurt in Murrieta, CA. We have three children who love the store and hope one day they can take over our company and businesses. Customer Service is our priority! We want all customers to enjoy our multi-flavor frozen yogurt bar!
Your taste buds will experience tasteful Xtreme Frozen Flavors!

Be Happy

Yogurt is a great-tasting and satisfying part of your healthy diet

Be Fit

Yogurt contains calcium, which can help with
weight management

Be Proactive

Yogurt provides friendly bacteria for your
digestive tract

Our Mission

Our Mission is to deliver the highest quality of nutritious frozen yogurt in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Best Service

Good Product